Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Johnson's Up Down Day Diet - Dieting Can Be Fun!

Heheee...today side track sikit from usual topic of kebun. As of yesterday I am starting on this diet similar to intermittent fasting. Satu hari makan very very sikit and satu hari normal makan. Let's see how it fares for me cos I really do need to lose weight somehow. A lot of weight! Musibah enjoying food too much wrongly for couple of years. Jealous sungguh ngan orang yg boleh makan banyak tapi tak gemuk. :(

So, yesterday was my first "fast day" aka DD in Juddding's term. My calorie restriction is around 400. Know what I ate?
My supplements during DD - Memang tak lapar
Breakfast - 2 scoops of New Image Shape up (118 cal), Lunch the same (118). And dinner was one apple, one boiled egg, few layers of green lettuce and a sliver of light mayo (130 calorie) and tonnes of plain water. Total 366 calorie. Wow! That's truly low for a food lover like me.

Dinner. Don't scream and say What is THAT!! 😝

Today...Yipee! My normal eating day aka Up Day. Max calorie for my current weight etc in order to lose is 1750 cal. So, tonnes of food to gobble up.

Breakfast - egg, tomato, lettuce n mayo salad with cup of milk coffee.

Lunch - Kuew tiau goreng ayam with chili flakes (494 calorie) Yummy! Tapi tak habis pun makan sebab too much la..

Dinner....Tak tahu la nak makan apa. Maybe capati n sardine kot. Sedap gak kan. And one bowl of salad...hmmm bila diet asyik fikir pasal makan aje. Time tak diet pun sama gak. Ahaks!

Concept behind it is very simple actually. One day u fast one day u don't. Your weekly calorie intake will somehow average to around 1000-1500. This way a diet is sustainable for a long run rather than feeling too deprived of food for too long. Well, hope it works for me. Satu hari makan satu hari tak makan. Boleh kot... :)

Will keep you all posted ye. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Chiogga Beet

This is what I planted around one month plus ago. Don't think the root has formed yet. See if it can successfully give me a nice produce cos nampak gaya daun cam tak cukup besar aje..

Dulu sebelah dia ada pokok pea...Tapi pea dia produced only one pod with one pea aje n then kering. Now I dah semai and satu hidup kat different container. See whether this one survives OK.
Ni pun bawah dah nampak cam kering kan.
Seriously don't know what is wrong with this. Maybe jenis tanah kot..

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Trimming My Cabbage

I don't know if this is right or not to do but I have decided to trim my cabbage leaves. Cut some of the bottom leaves with the hope that the head will spear up nicely. Harap menjadi. Tapi kalau tak jadi pun takpe...daun dia buat goreng ngan udang kan. Sedappp...hehee.

Top view
Side view
Another side view
After trimming
Daun yg dah trimmed dah selamat goreng. :)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Star of David Yg Tak Star

Entah kenapa entah naik memanjang aje. Mula mula gemuk elok pastu kurus..Agak kurang matahari kot. Bunga pun takde yg sangkut. Memang bendi susah nak jadi la ngan I..dari awal lagi payah betul. Tengoklah rupa dia.

Tengok kurus dan panjang aje naik. Baja semua cukup. Think I will ubah pasu ke depan bagi kena morning sunlight. Nak lah rasa bendi gemuk ni even satu pun. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hasil Pagi Ini

Hmmm...dapat lagi rasa 2 biji tomato ni. Manisss...sedap..memang kena tanam banyak banyak lepas ni. The rest are sawi bunga and satu jambak sawi hok tay. And satu biji limau which I dont know lemon ke or limau nipis ke.

Sejambak hok tay. Rasa boleh besar lagi ni
Besar limau ni. Slightly bigger than that Vapor Balm bottle. Nak buat juice

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

My Sweet Sweet Cherry Tomatoes

Alhamdullilah...they are starting to ripen nicely. Infact few can be plucked already I think.

Somehow based on observations..I think tomato plants will yield better and a lot more fruits when u hang-plant them. Guess the winds could shake the flowers more for better pollination. Try and see if this works for you. Cos mine surely fruits a lot!!

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Hasil Hari Ini

Inilah hasil hari ni..sikit aje. Tapi seronok bila mengambilnya.
Sunflower and the rest
Updates on last effort semai benih carrot - Failed! 

Monday, 5 January 2015

Lemon or ....

Tak tahu nak cakap...masa beli orang jual kata lemon. Tapi takde Rupa lemon pun. Buah bulat aje n besar.

Satu still kat pokok. Nak tengok warna dia tukar tak.
Dah petik 2 biji tapi bulat buah n takde biji