Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Jalapeno and Tomatoes

Both looking good. Can't wait for the tomatoes to ripe and taste my first ever tomato - grown from scratch.

First jalapeno flower.

Tomatoes. Looking good in abundance in their tiny hanging container. I think this one will only yield once..

Friday, 26 December 2014

Sunflower - Bila Agaknya Boleh Tuai

Tengok. Besar kan? Sampai terlentuk bunga tu takleh tegak. Besar dari muka I.

Anyway, bila rasanya boleh petik n ambik kuaci dia?

Thursday, 25 December 2014

My Sad Pea Ambassador..

I don't know why suddenly the pea becomes like this..dry at the bottom part but still growing on top. Yesterday I found baby snail wandering around it and guess you all know what happened to it! Hehee..

Anyway, just take a look at the pea and if u look closely u will see that it has flowered and one pea is already out. Maybe due to stress and the instinct to survive has made it produced. God knows!

Tengok size dia..kecik ajekan
The pea
Another shot. Sayang kan kalau banyak memang best.
I hope somehow the plant can survive...don't know what to do actually with it.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Semai Carrot Paris Top - Last Effort

This is the last effort I am throwing in to germinate carrot. Dok failed memanjang... In the end terjumpa blog cara-mempercepatkan-percembahan-lobak oleh one blogger. I dah follow step by step n today I semai ke tanah after two weeks benih "hibernating" in the fridge. :)

Ok let's see in few days time naik tak benih..insyallah...
Bekas covered ngan plastic wrap to maintain moisture and heat. 
Tolong doa sama yea biar bercambah..Will update in few days time!

Also, wishing all Christian readers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Back to Garden Updates

Tengok gambar ajelah this time yea..Takde mood plak nak cerita somehow.

Banyak lagi actually gambar tapi Nantilah I upload lagi.
Cabbage and rosemary
Cherry tomato tanam gantung. Somehow kurang ulat or aphids menyerang. Tengok buah pun banyak
Chiogga and pea ambassador. Sedih la tengok pea tu..entah kenapa tak tahu. Mesti tengah stress gak so it starts to flower already even still kecik.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Trip To Hatyai

Sorry la to those who have been reading this blog sebab senyap sikit. Me n my huge family went for a short trip to Hatyai. Just nak try naik train plak.. :)

So on Wednesday at 6pm we all bertolak la beramai ramai.  ke KL Sentral for train at 10pm. Harga ticket 60rm one way for adult untuk katil bawah.
Katil bawah lebar sikit
Katil atas. For small to medium size adult OK la.
Dalam train ada orang jual cam dlm flight..but selection is very limited.
So setelah berhempas pulas dalam train for close to 10 hours sampai la ke Padang Besar punya stop where all kena turun train for passport clearance. Takyah bawak turun beg etc. Just important stuff aje sebab takut hilang. Kat sini is where the train will change the kepala to drive into hatyai. Kalau ikut schedule it is just an hour wait tapi 90% will take longer than that. Once train sampai then journey into hatyai ambik masa dlm sejam aje.

Sorrylah dah terlampau kelam kabut nak ngelak ulat ulat nak menipu di hatyai takde snap gambar masa sampai station. Word of caution..there will be one guy yg akan naik train bila lepas border yg offer hotel, transportation etc. Best u ignore n just say dah booked n paid semua in advance n say thank you aje OK.
We all stay kat Asian Hotel. Memang at the smack of the town area.. Tapi hotel dia agak lama la and a word of caution! Make sure jangan kotor kan towel ke or cadar ke or apa ke dalam bilik tu. And if sedar towel or anything dalam bilik tu yg dah memang Kuning or tompok tompok dari awal bagitahu n request for change. If not memang siap la kena bayar masa nak check out nanti kata Kita yg bagi kotor etc. Biasalah...tactic nak duit.

Some other pictures to share ok..
Tuk tuk going to floating market.
Floating market dari jauh
Heheee...Mari mari

Restaurant hari last day baru jumpa. Tapi service dia lambat ya amat.
Anyway, I tak banyak ambik gambar sebab malas nak bawak phone sana sini. Shopping kat hatyai...Tak yah cerita la. Bawak baht aje banyak banyak wokeh. To those yg rasa worry or cuak cuak nak pergi...tak yah risau OK. I have been to Thailand banyak kali dah and alhamdullilah all those times takde lah yg buruk buruk jadi. Most importantly be cautious all the time n enjoy :)

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Semai Benih - Ingat Dah Gone

Petang semalam masa nak cari bekas lama untuk semai benih baru tetiba ternampak 2 bekas kecik Yg dah di anggap failed sebab tak cambah more than two weeks. You see what is inside?! Two seedlings yg surviving even tanah dah macam kering. Kesian plak..tu la siapa suruh lambat or maybe I yg tak sabar. Ahaks! :)

Tomato Plum and Cili Kapitan. Nampak kan tanah dah kering giler.
Semai since early November. I think more than a month!! Betul la cam Ms Kebunbahagia cakap...benih ni so unpredictable and ada yg dari mengandung sampai habis pantang baru benih nak muncul..

So moral of the story... U may never know what is in stored for u as life is like a box of chocolates. * script adapted from FG.

Have a nice day peeps! :)

Monday, 8 December 2014

My First Flowers

These two are planted from scratch! Which means from seeds n I am so so happy with them. Dah besar anak emak :) Lagi besar dari muka I si bunga matahari ni.

Tanam depan rumah aje
Daun gajah
Masa belum kembang
Yang ni plak nama glamour dia I tak tahu..panggil keembung aje since I was small. Warna rose merah. Jenis apa pun tak tahu..sorry yea :)

View dari luar jail..maklumlah kucing n anjing suka golek n gali bawah pokok ambik angin petang
View bila selak sikit jaring. Ada 3 pokok tapi yg satu ni yg first berbunga.
Excited extra sebab selama ni tak pernah semai flowers dari seeds. Yahooo...come bees come!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Semaian Cecair

Officially failed big time! Campuran pun berbau busuk which means dah ada bacteria dalam tu. Huhuhhhu... Rehat sekejap la dari cubaan menyemai all those benih. Or maybe I might just campak aje benih kat tanah n see survive or not sebab bila bagi extreme TLC jadi mengada plak tak mau tumbuh.

Tengok yg kuning berbuih tu..All dah ada bacteria n berbau.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My Wheatgrass Growing Experiment

Taraaa...Hehee. Yg ni senang aje nak germinate. Follow aje step by step given by this website Wheatgrass Cambah la dia ngan jayanya. In about 7-8 days boleh la tuai buat juice.

Soak in water for one night
Next morning rinse
Rinse with water every 12 hours n cover ngan kain lembab
After two days..dah nampak ekor ready to alih.
Soak the moss n drenched it then spread the seeds evenly
Cover with  plastic with some holes
Put near window with some sunlight
I will take pictures n update in few days time bila ready to harvest ok.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tanam Buah Dalam Pot

Or tabulompot as the Indonesians are calling it. Geram tengok kat MAHA that day the fruit trees yg they all tanam dalam pot menjadi.

I pun ada googled few sites kononnya nak la try memandangkan tanah rumah yg besar baby kera ni. Adalah few pokok yg I tanam dalam pot. Nanti bila ada perkembangan I will share for sure. For now just layan ajelah gambar from MAHA lagi yg buat rasa nak bawak balik aje pot besar besar tu ngan pokok sekali. I wish!!

It can be done for sure cuma buah akan tak banyak since limited medium kan. But enough la for small home consumption.. But baja is the most important role as per the blogs that I have read. So, I ada tanam pokok rambutan, mango n longan ping pong. Kita tengok development nya nanti.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Kulat oh Kulat

Rasanya this happens bila tanah terlalu lembab tapi bila I sentuh takde la lembab. Seem to be having this in some of the pots but worse inside this one yg ada pokok Rosemary. Should I do something to the soil or spray anything?

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Extreme Measures

Huh! Geram betul sebab asyik tak nak cambah aje benih benih ni. So finally I am resorting to this extreme measure introduced by Mr Tanamsendiri @ cecair semaian

So, last night ini lah kerja I for these benih. Let's see whether successful or not. If not tak tahu lah nak buat apa lagi dah..
Asparagus, coriander, carrots and kucai

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Deep Fried Basil

I tell you...just happen to stumble into this treat when wanted to fry chicken drummets for my son. Purposely putting the whole bunch of shoot inside the pan for additional flavour n scent...then took it n just felt like taking a bite and Walla!!! Whoaa super nice n crunchy. Mungkin dah ada yg buat ni before but I didn't know n honestly tak tahu gak nak buat apa ngan basil yg dah merimbun. Now I got this to enjoy! Hehee...

So, today buat nasi lemak and ambik more of the basil shoots n deep fry aje without any seasoning. Makan ngan nasi. Sedap I tell u... For those yg tak suka sayur or anak yg fussy eater when it comes to veges.. I think u can try this n put inside rice. My 3 year old son ngup ngap laju aje.

Fresh from garden

Tak yah salut tepung. Kurang sikit carbo to those yg nak kurus cam saya :)

Friday, 28 November 2014

Pea and Chiogga

That day I planted these chiogga beets along with the pea ambassador. Somehow, the pea died for no reason. 're-germinated another pea and so far looking alright in the same container as the chioggas. Hopefully grow well cos I really really love peas! ❤❤

If this pea grows well n produce nice fat peas then I might consider planting some more.. So far the buncis is growing n producing well. Dah second round harvest that day. Yummy!
oh my beloved. Rasanya how to make it grow faster?
Chiogga. Nampak batang dia colour merah. Kita tunggu ubi dia Nanti camane.
Grow babies grow
Sebab malas nak membaja la namanya...I beli these ketul ketul baja from MAHA and tanam 3 biji dalam container. It's supposed to be slow releasing fertilizer and no need to put any more fertilizer for 2-3 months. But think will still pour air beras/ikan dalam tu once a while.
Baja ketul tak tahu apa nama. Lupa nak tanya. 3 packets dapat 5rm :)